Prioritizing Remediation

So you’ve found that your site has some accessibility issues. Now what? Where do you start to fix those issues?

First, realize that some of these issues (content) are fixable by you. But if the issues have to do with color contrast or other coding errors, these will have to be remediated by your developers. Many of these issues will take the developers a long time to fix, so be patient. They will have to prioritize their own fixes, as well.

A general idea of how we see the priorities in the campus-wide initiative is set out here.

CWWAI Priorities in Accessibility Remediation
High-Impact Fixes, Low Effort Required High-Impact Fixes, High Effort Required
  • Fix color contrast (biggest issue)
  • Add alt tags to images
  • Adopt a policy for web accessibility
  • Add proper captions to videos
  • Add transcripts to videos
  • Add discernible text to links (no Click Here)
  • Find and remove/edit outdated links
  • Correct coding for lists
  • Add title attributes for frames
  • Test keyboard navigation
  • Rewrite content for web
  • Educate campus in accessibility practices
Low-Impact Fixes, Low Effort Required Low-Impact Fixes, High Effort Required
  • Make all sites secure (https)
  • Check for and correct misspellings
  • Add meta descriptions for pages
  • Add language attribute
  • Meet University branding standards
  • Add form labels
  • Make ID attributes unique
  • Create website to educate and train