Webinars and Videos of Interest

Web Accessibility: Essential for some, useful for all

The Internet provides a plethora of informational or training videos, including recordings of webinars. We will post these webinars on the Events section of this site as we learn of them, and will also provide recordings as allowed. If you want to be included in an upcoming webinar viewing, contact us! We'll be happy to include you! For now, enjoy these:

Introduction to Screen Readers

This is a webinar presented May 17, 2018, where Solutions Architect at Deque Systems Steve Sawczyn, gives anyone new to digital accessibility (and old pros) a first-hand experience of how people who are visually impaired navigate the web.

To Care & Comply: Accessibility of Online Course Content

This video was developed by Portland Community College and discusses the need for accessible content for students with visual, hearing, and mobility access needs. In it, students with various disabilities are featured, sharing their frustrations and methods for overcoming web accessibility issues.

Web Accessibility Perspectives - Compilation of 10 Topics/Videos

This video, created by the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI),  covers disabilities and other reasons for increasing web accessibility.