Imagine the web if you couldn’t see.

Imagine the web if you couldn’t hear.

Imagine the web if you didn’t understand English.

Then, imagine the web with access for all. That's why we're here.

Accessibility as a Priority

Website accessibility is a high priority in this day of electronic communications. It can include making sites more accessible for all: blind, deaf, physically challenged, cognitively challenged, and others, including any level of access needs. And if your site is made accessible for people with special needs, everyone will find it easier to use, so you will helping all your visitors!

Here's Why

According to the 2012 Census*,

  • 19.9 million (8.2% of the US population) have difficulty lifting or grasping (may not be able to use a mouse)
  • 8.1 million (3.3%) have a vision impairment (anything from needing magnification to total blindness, dyslexia, tunnel vision, etc.)
  • 7.6 million (3.1%) have a hearing impairment (may not be able to hear audio or video content)

    * Accessibility Statistics, as of 2012 Census Bureau stats

With the increase in lifespan, more and more people will be dealing with special access needs. And we need to meet those needs as much as possible.

How You Can Help

Use this site to learn what you can do to make your site accessible.

Website Accessibility Initiative

Because of the recognition of the need for website accessibility on campus, a group of interested people on campus formed a team to address the need. Read more about the campus website accessibility initiative.